Los Altos Software Testing House, Inc. offers short and long term contracting services, training in manual and automated software testing, staffing, recruiting, and headhunting with strong emphasis on Software Quality Assurance (Software Testing).

Our office is located in Los Altos, CA in the very heart of the Silicon Valley. Since 1994 we assisted in various aspects of Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance to numerous client ranging in size from small startups to companies as big as Wells Fargo Bank, IBM, DHL, Citrix, AskJeeves, and many others.

Our consultants have years of industry experience at all the levels of expertise. For all your projects we have Software QA professionals from QA Directors, QA Managers, Team Leads level to the Software QA interns level.

The scope of services offered by the company includes but is not limited to:

  • Development of test documentation (test plan, test cases, check lists, etc.)
  • Test cycle execution
  • Functional and/or Verification Test
  • Systems Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Software Test Automation
  • Testing of Mobile Application
  • Web Services/Applications Testing