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SQA Online Program

Lessons Plan:

  1. Introduction: Software QA Profession, curriculum, setting expectations
  2. GUI (Graphic User Interface) and Usability Testing
  3. Mastering GUI Bug reports
  4. Bug Reporting and Bug Tracking
  5. Energy-Telecom reqs and functionality testing
  6. Test case – structure and basic points
  7. Mastering Test cases
  8. Test Documentation – test case, test suite, test plan
  9. Software Development Life Cycle – Agile, Scrum, Waterfall
  10. Introduction to Automated Testing
  11. Test documentation and bug reporting Practicum-1
  12. Test documentation and bug reporting Practicum-2
  13. Interview questions related to Software Quality Assurance
  14. Interview questions related to Types of Software Testing-1
  15. Interview questions related to Types of Software Testing-2
  16. Job market. Job search as a process.
  17. Job Search: Keyword coding of profiles
  18. Networking. Talking to recruiters.
  19. Common interview questions. Company/Project story.
  20. Working with Craigslist, Meetup. Answering student questions.

GUI Standards for  Windows 7/Vista Windows XP/2000
Usability standards for Web Applications
Comparison of issue-tracking systems


Session 1. Introduction              January 4, 2018              April 26, 2018          August 9, 2018

Home Work Assignment


Interview questions covered in the session:

  • What is Quality?
  • What is Software Quality?
  • What is Software Quality Assurance?
  • What is the difference between Software Testing and Software QA?
  • What is Software Testing?
  • Is it possible to find/fix all the bugs in a software product before it goes to the customers?
  • Then – Why test?
  • What is black/white box testing?
  • Describe a bug?
  • What is use case?
  • What is the most important impact QA can have on a product development process?
  • What is Negative testing? Positive?
  • Which type of testing results in highest number of bugs found?
  • What is the software development life cycle?



Session 2. GUI and Usability Testing             January 8, 2018           April 30, 2018              August 14, 2018

Home Work Assignment


Interview questions covered in the session:

  • What is software usability?
  • What is usability testing?
  • What is GUI testing?
  • Where the GUI standards are coming from?
  • What are the typical GUI problems you look for on a web page
  • Tell me more about WEB Usability Guidelines published by US Government



Session 3. Mastering GUI Bug reports – style and vocabulary     Jan 9, 2018            May 1, 2018            August 16, 2018

Home Work Assignment:              

Bug Reporting Rules:

  1. Do not assume all the companies have same approach to writing bug reports
  2. Rule of WWW – What happened, Where it happened, under Which circumstances
  3. “Problem” bug report versus “Solution” bug report
  4. Bug report is not about perfect English
  5. Before reporting a bug, make sure that you are using the latest version of the AUT
  6. Report a bug immediately, do not postpone
  7. Make sure the bug is reproducible before reporting
  8. Minimize number of steps-to-reproduce
  9. Write one bug report for each fix to be verified
  10. The difference between actual and expected results should be clear
  11. Do not quote the violated rules or requirements (developers know them) – just talk about the problem itself
  12. Do not assume developer knows less than you do about the application
  13. Bug reports should be as concise as possible
  14. Bug report should be as complete as possible
  15. Attach screen shots, data files, logs to clarify the bug description
  16. Each “problem” has a story (each decision is a compromise) research before reporting
  17. Use technical terms, not “people off the street” language